W's notes

3 mariannes 10 song intros 0001 10 song intros 11 song intros 0001
11 song intros 0002 11 song intros accident epilogue american beer
April8 show 0001 April8 show cant say no 0001 cant say no 0002
cant say no 0003 cant say no 0004 cant say no 0005 cant say no
cheap bastards 0001 cheap bastards Claires Ex dekooning quote
done something right embarrassing things havent mortgaged 0001 havent mortgaged
I might have to cry I Prefer Women ideas for stories if you try hard
Jay Leno 0001 Jay Leno Leslie life is precious
LostInTheStars 0001 LostInTheStars MansWorld me and weill
Money new german 0001 new german orgiastic applause
rabbis porkchop SeptemberSong Silbersee 0001 Silbersee
stories to tell strand bookstore 0001 strand bookstore StrangerMyself cow
Susan Motorcycle 0001 Susan Motorcycle pt1 0001 Susan Motorcycle pt1 Susan Motorcycle
Susan Motorcycle3 sweating Swimming Pool 0001 Swimming Pool